Genealogy of the descendants of Ole and Sarah Ritland

Information compiled and edited by Ruth Ritland and Mrs. O. E. Ritland, Historians.

Ole and Sarah Ritland lived on the Ritland farm in Hjelmeland, Norway. He was a blacksmith by trade, as well as a farmer. The following children were born: Ole O., Jens, Lars, Osmond, Ole L., Owen, and Ingeborg.

Ole and Sarah and their seven children immigrated to America in 1855. After spending eleven weeks on the sailboat, The Sisters, they sailed up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec. Upon reaching Quebec, they boarded a train for the east coast of Michigan. They crossed Lake Michigan to Chicago, and from there they went to Lisbon, Illinois, where they lived for two years.

Their son, Lars, died there in 1856. In 1857 they left Lisbon for Story County, Iowa. There were 17 covered wagons, drawn by oxen, in the caravan. They lived in their covered wagons along the Skunk River on the outskirts of Story City until they secured temporary shelter in a log cabin. Later they moved to the farm which Ole Ritland bought, and which is now owned by Ingebrit Sands. After this they moved to the Ritland homestead, better known as the Sande place, which is now owned and occupied by Raymond Sande.

Their son, Owen was an invalid, and he died here in 1882 at the age of 40.

Another son, Osmond was accidentally shot and he died April 14, 1865 at the age of 17 years and 14 days.

Ole and Sarah lived on the Ritland homestead until their deaths. Ole passed away March 14, 1893 at the age of 84 years and 6 months, and Sarah passed away May 3, 1887 at the age of 82 years.

The two oldest sons, Ole O. and Jens, were in partnership farming and breaking the prairie at a certain price per acre, using a huge breaking plow drawn by eight oxen. They were so occupied until Jens volunteered for service in the Civil War, where he served faithfully and well for three years.

Ole O. Ritland

Ole O. married Sarah Bjerkestrand of Cambridge, Iowa, and moved to a farm, which they bought one half mile south of Huxley. They lived here until their deaths. Ole died in 1905 at the age of 69, and his wife, Sarah, in 1916 at the age of 71. They were the parents of ten children: Ella, Weir, Osmond, Lena, Carrie, Lars, Aaron, Endre, Simon, and Andrew.

Endre died when about one year old of lung fever, and Ella and Aaron both died of appendicitis, Ella when 23 years old, and Aaron while still a young lad of 17.

Weir married Hannah Severaid of Story City. To this union the following eight children were born: Oscar, Jennings, Sylvia, Arnold, Arnold, Hazel, Willard, and Evelyn.

Oscar married Lenora Johnson of Huxley. She is an accomplished musician and has been a faithful organist in Bethel Church in Story City for many years. Oscar is a plumber by trade, and is employed in Ames, but they reside in Story City. They are the parents of two children: Robert, who is a salesman stationed in Chicago, and Frances, who married Robert Wright of Boone. They have two children, Toni Man, and Jack Craig, and are making their home with her parents in Story City.

Jennings was unmarried and was employed in Huxley at the time of his sudden death in 1948 at the age of 51. Hazel died when 12 years old in 1918, and Willard in April, 1933.

Sylvia married Oscar Sesker. They are farming near Huxley, and are the parents of four children: Sylvester, Joyce, Carroll, and Gene. Sylvester is married and has one daughter, Joyce Ann. They live in Oakland, California. Joyce Sesker is unmarried and is employed in Los Angeles, California. Carroll Sesker is married and has one daughter, Carolyn, and lives in Huxley. Gene Sesker is married and has two daughters, Jo Ellen and Karla. They live in Fresno, California.

Arnold married Cliff Myers. They live in Nevada and have five children: Ethel, Grace, Maxine, Ronald, and Gerald. Ethel married Paul Franklin. They live in Cambridge, Iowa, and have one daughter. Grace is unmarried and works in Ames. Maxine is a school teacher and is unmarried. Ronald is in the service, and Gerald works in Ames.

Evelyn, Weir’s youngest daughter, married Irving Christiansen. They live in Elkader, Iowa, and are the parents of two boys, David and Roger.

Arnold never married and was employed in Chicago for many years. He was killed instantly October 2, 1953, while working on a construction crew. He was 49 years old.

This concludes the history of Weir and Hannah Ritland’s children. Weir and family lived in their beautiful farm home two miles west of Huxley until they retired and moved into Huxley, where they lived until their deaths. Weir died in 1943 at the age of 76, and his wife, Hannah, in 1947 at the age of 77.

Lena was the third child of Ole and Sarah Ritland. Lena married Ole Legvold. They have always lived in Huxley, and are the parents of six children: Sarah, Ora, Ella, Ole, Sam, and Ellen.

Sarah married Henry Steele and they live in Huxley. They have two sons, Gordon and Steven.

Ora married Ralph Bailey, and they lived in Chicago. Ralph passed away July 21, 1954, of high blood pressure and kidney trouble. Ralph and Ora had no children.

Ella married Hugh Byal, and they live in Mingo, Iowa. They have a daughter, Sandra, and a son, Wayne.

Ole Legvold, Jr., married Beatrice Brown. They are the parents of one son, Terry. Ole operates a hardware store in partnership with his brother-in-law, Milo Veland, in Huxley. Sam Legvold married LaVonne Anderson, and they live in Ames.

Sam received his Ph. D. degree at Iowa State College and is an instructor in atomic research at the college. They have three daughters, Lenesa, Cathy, and Arnie.

Ellen, the youngest daughter of Lena and Ole Legvold, married Milo Veland, and they have three children: Diane, Rondi, and David Eric. They have been making their home with Ellen’s parents in Huxley. Mr. Veland is with Ole Legvold in the hardware store.

Osmond, the second son of Ole O. and Sarah Ritland, married Jennie Tesdal of Huxley on February 21, 1901. They have three children: Hubert, Marjorie, and Osmond.

Hubert graduated from high school in Boise, Idaho, in 1920 and from Stanford University in California in 1926. He married Alberta Choate of Redwood City, California, Hubert has been on the faculty in the mathematics department of the University of Idaho, Pocatello, Idaho, since 1930. They have two sons: Jerry and Ross.

Marjorie graduated from San Diego High School in 1923, and married William Van der Veer in 1924. They have one daughter, Mary Lou.

Osmond graduated from Grossmont High School in 1927, attended San Diego State College, and graduated from the U. S. Air Force School in San Antonio, Texas, in 1933. He had two years of active duty at March Field, California, and was pilot for United Air Lines for about five years. On March 20, 1953, he had to bail out of a burning plane but was not injured. He spent 1 1/2 years in India during World War II. Before this, however, he had received his commission as a colonel in the Air Force, and was one of the few called upon to participate in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. Later he was in command of secret weapons at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was in charge of all plane drops of atomic devices after the Nevada testing began in 1951. He is at present in Washington, D. C., where he is a member of the faculty of the Industrial War College.

Osmond, Sr., passed away November 25, 1930, at La Mesa, California. He had been a licensed chiropractor for 14 years. His wife, Mrs. Jennie Ritland, is living in a nursing home in San Diego, California.

Carrie Ritland was next in age to Lena, and she married Ole J. Erickson of Roland. They farmed four miles south of Roland for a number of years. Later they moved to Roland where Ole entered the furniture and undertaking business, in which he was occupied until his death in the fall of 1946. His good wife died four years later on May 6, 1950. Their children are Selma, Archibald, Clarence, Ella, Avis, and Reuben.

Selma married Bert Knutson of Roland in 1925. They lived in Roland for a number of years where Ben was manager of the Farmers Grain Elevator. Later they moved to Dysart, Iowa, where Ben is manager of the Co op Grain Elevator. They are the parents of one son, Paul, who is a graduate of Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, as is also his wife, who was Helen Kathleen Thompson of Hopkinton, Iowa, before her marriage to Paul. Paul was a 2nd Lieutenant in the air force, and was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Paul was an instructor and counselor at the Officer Candidate School, and his wife had a civil service position at Kelley Field near San Antonio. Paul and his wife are now living at Westside, Iowa, where he is a member of the high school faculty as coach and instructor, and his wife teaches home economics and music.

Archibald married Vernetta Ries in 1927. Archibald took over his father’s business as furniture dealer and mortician. They are the parents of five children: Arline, Richard, Willard, Allen, and Owen. Arline operated a beauty parlor in Roland until her marriage to Loren Sampson of Roland. Loren is employed at the great Lakes Pipe Line Company, one mile east of Roland. They have two children: Linda and Ronald Kent. Richard served his country four years in the marines and was stationed in Hawaii. He married Marion Charlson of Lake Mills, Iowa in June, 1953. They are living in St. Louis, Missouri, where Richard is studying the science of mortuary and his wife is on the teaching staff of the St. Louis schools. Willard married Norma Jean Halverson of Roland, Iowa. He entered the service, and he and his wife are stationed at March Air Force Base, Riverside, California.

Clarence married Donna Henry of Boone in 1930, and to this union two sons were born: James and Ronnie. James is married and has one daughter. Clarence and Donna separated, and Clarence went out to California where he married Ethel Jensen in 1943. They are now operating the Erickson Lodge at Big Bear Lake, California.

Ella married Marion Peterson of Roland, Iowa in 1930. They lived on the Peterson homestead for several years, and it was there that their five children were born. They are Donald, David, Dale, Mary Ellen and Carolyn. Donald attended Luther College after graduating from Roland High School. He was in service two years, spending over a year of this time in Korea. He married Mildred Smith of Kansas City, Missouri, in December, 1953. They live in Kansas City, where Donald is attending watchmaking school, and his wife is employed as a dictaphone operator at Mutual Insurance Company. David is a student at Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Marion and Ella have now left the farm and have gone out to Huntington Park, California.

Avis married Ross Bump of Zearing, who passed away after several years of lingering illness. Avis later married David Rhinehart of California. They reside in Los Angeles.

Reuben married June Ose, a school teacher and accomplished musician. They are the parents of three lovely daughters: Karen, Rose Mary, and Susan Beth. They live in Roland, where Reuben operates a gas and oil truck.

Lars, the fifth child of Ole and Sarah, married Hannah Thorsdahl of Belmond, Iowa. They were engaged in farming near Huxley until death on May 26, 1945. Their children are Lloyd, Mildred, Everett, Herbert, Charles, Vivian, and Donald.

Lloyd received his B.A. degree at Decorah, and is a graduate of the State University of Iowa. He has instructed in several high schools and colleges throughout the state, and at present is on the teaching staff at Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa. Lloyd married Anne Gertrude Woods of Cambridge, Iowa, and they are the parents of three children: Karen Elaine, Paul David, and Susan Diane.

Everett is also graduate of Luther College, and was very active in athletics. His vocation is teaching, and he is at present instructor, coach, and school adviser at Ames High School. Everett married Betty Britson of Roland, and they have four children: Michael Don, Rosemary, Patricia Lynn, and Mark Everett.

Getting their education at Decorah was a tradition in the Ritland family, and Herbert was the third of the Lars Ritland boys to graduate from there. Herbert has been teaching for several years in different schools in Iowa. At present he is high school superintendent at Dallas Center, Iowa. Herbert spent a few years in the service and was an ensign in the navy during World War II. Herbert married Letta Rogue of Slater, and they are the parents of three sons: Steven Rolfe, Craig David and John Thomas.

Mildred Beatrice married Harold Francis Woods of Cambridge, Iowa. Harold is engaged in the produce business in Cambridge, and he and Mildred live on the Ritland homestead. They are the parents of two children: Ruth Ann and Charles Lloyd.

Charles Archibald also attended Decorah. He married Ruth Pass, and to this union one son, James Everett, was born. Charles and Ruth separated, and Charles later married Kirsten Peterson. They have one son, George, and live in Dinsdale, Iowa.

Vivian Marie married Harvey Peters. They live in Austin, Minnesota, and have two children: Jean Marie and Earl Herbert.

Donald Duane graduated from Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, and served his country in the air corps in World War II. He married Reva June Kirby of Ames, and they are the parents of three children: Marcia Kay, Gregory Don, and Jane Ellen. Donald is at present teaching Smith Hughes Studies at Austin High School.

This concludes the history of Lars and Hannah Ritland’s children. Mrs. Lars Ritland made her home with the children until her death on September 19, 1953.

Simon married Mabel Lande of Huxley, and two children were born to them: Ferne and Lester.

Ferne passed away in the bloom of youth.

Lester was killed in action in Italy in 1944 during World War II.

Simon’s wife, Mabel, also passed away, and he later married Nora Halverson of Roland. To this union two children were born: Pearl and Marion.

Pearl married John Gillham of Ames, and they live in Chicago. They have two children, Kenneth Dean and Sandra Kay. Marion married Ilene Ragsdale of Ames.

Marion served his country in the air corps during World War II, and at one time was listed as missing in action. Fortunately he returned home safely, and he and Ilene now live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Marion is employed at the Douglas Aircraft Base. Simon passed away December 7, 1929 at the age of 41 years.

Andrew is unmarried and lives in Huxley.

This completes the history of the eldest son of Ole O. and his family, and we will proceed to the second son, who was Jens.

Jens Ritland Family

Jens served three years in the Union Army, and on his return engaged in farming four miles east of Story City. He lived here until his death, January 9, 1917 at the age of 78. This farm has been in the Ritland family since before 1865. Jens married Inger Hegland, daughter of Ole Hegland, of Roland, in 1866, and the following children were born to them: Olaus, Tobias, Belle, Bennie, Julia, Louise, Osmond, and Louis.

Tobias was accidentally, kicked by a horse and died when 15 years old.

Olaus married Osa Lee of Garden City, Iowa, June 29, 1893, and they settled on a farm near Garden City. This union was blessed with ten children: Joseph, Oscar, Ida, Howard, Hazel, Earnest, Pearl, Lester, Ethel, and Genevieve.

Oscar married Arnold Mork on October 12, 1921, and they have six children: Jane, Floyd, Roy, Opal, Ervin, and Erma. Jane married Glen Frohwein of Zearing, June 1, 1941, and they are the parents of six children: Larry, Duane Earl, Gerald Robert, Joice, Judy and Keith Leroy. Floyd married Doris Phantz of State Center on October 4, 1952, and they have one daughter, Nicky. He served in the army two years, after which he and his wife started farming southeast of Garden City. Roy married Marjorie Duit of Iowa Falls. Roy also served his country for two years. He is now farming the home farm, as Oscar and Arnold, his parents, have moved to Ames. Roy and Marjorie have two daughters: Kathleen Joan and Donna. Opal, a school teacher, married Raymond Nelson of Nevada, and they are engaged in farming south of Nevada. They have one daughter, Lola. Ervin is at present in the service, and is stationed at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas. Erma, the youngest, married Harold Blome of Hubbard, Iowa, on July 18, 1953. Harold is now in the U. S. Marines, and Erma is employed at Ames and makes her home with her parents. Oscar and Arnold left their lovely farm home in the spring of 1953 and moved to Ames.

Ida married Edd Sime of Radcliffe, and they have one son, Earl. Ida and Edd live on their farm southwest of Garden City.

Howard married Amy Knutson of Garden City, and they live on their farm southwest of Garden City. They have three daughters: Helen, Diane, and Barbara.

Hazel married Elmer Hoelscher of Hubbard, Iowa. They are farming south of Hubbard and have no children.

Pearl is unmarried. She attended the Lutheran Bible Institute in Minneapolis, and is at present employed in Decatur, Illinois.

Earnest was farming the home farm when he was called into service. He was killed in action in Germany on February 26, 1945.

Lester married Romaine Gaard of Radcliffe. They have a very beautiful home east of Garden City and have five children: Lois Kathleen, Nancy Louise, Curtis Lee, Leslie Roy and Donald Lee.

Ethel died at the tender age of 13 on November 16, 1929, from the dread polio.

Genevieve, the youngest of Olaus and Osa’s children, married Arley Coburn. They are farming, southwest of Garden City and are the parents of three sons: Leland Allen, Bruce Franklin and Delmar Eugene.

Olaus suffered a stroke in November, 1929 and never regained his health. He died July, 23, 1934 at the age of 67. Osa continued to live on the home place southwest of Garden City until 1950, when she purchased a lovely home in Story City, where she resides with her oldest son, Joseph, who is unmarried.

Belle, the eldest daughter of Jens and Inger Ritland, married Knute Logan of Roland in November, 1892. They lived near Story City for several years, where their three oldest children, Clifford, Jubal, and Herma, were born. They then moved to Ada, Minnesota, where three more children were born to them, namely, Rufus, Otto and Ruth.

Clifford married Erma Luchau and to this union one son, Erling Winston, was born. Erma passed away July 18, 1948. Clifford’s second wife was Marie Rogness, a graduate nurse, whom he married July 15, 1949. Their home is in Ada, Minnesota. Clifford is farming and his wife is a nurse in the local hospitals.

Jubal married Jennie Grotness, who passed away. To this union two daughters were born: Marion, who is now Mrs. Donald Skevrud of Twin Valley, Minnesota, and Lorraine Joy, who married Ray L. Abentroth of Cummings, North Dakota.

Herma married Henry C. Stennes of Hendrum, Minnesota. They are the parents of four children: Elaine, Vivian Avis, Homer and Charles. Elaine married Donald Gerk of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and they have one son, Richard, and one daughter. Vivian Avis married Alton R. Storsved of Moorhead, Minnesota. Homer and Charles are single as yet. Mr. and Mrs. Stennes are farming near Hendrum, Minnesota.

Rufus T. Logan married Marion Youngquist. They have one adopted daughter, Elizabeth Ann, now seven years old. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Logan live at St. Peter, Minnesota, where Rufus is on the teaching staff of Gustavus Adolphus College. Rufus is a graduate of St. Olaf College and received his Ph. D. degree from the University of Minnesota. K.

Otto Logan is also a St. Olaf graduate. He married Marian Patterson, and they have one son, Larry, now 21 years old. They live at Olympia, Washington, where Otto is connected with the state educational system. Ruth married Ronald Hulbert and they live at Salem, Oregon. They have a son, Dean, and a daughter, Diane.

Ruth is a graduate nurse and is still active in that profession.

Knute and Belle celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1942. They lived on their farm southwest of Ada until Belle’s death in 1950. Knute lived at the Sunset Home in Twin Valley, Minnesota, until he passed away May 23, 1954.

Bennie married Melinda Hauvland in 1897. They farmed near McCallsburg for 45 years, and it was there the following children were born:

Clarence, who died in 1931,

Emma, who died at the tender age of nine years in 1909,

Bert, who died at the age of 17 months in the year 1908,

and Bert Myron. Bert served seven years in the U. S. Army in World War II, spending several months overseas. Bennie and Malinda moved to McCallsburg in 1942. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 1937, and their golden wedding anniversary December 16, 1947, in Bergens Lutheran Church in Roland. They are now living in Zearing, Iowa.

In February, 1892, Jonas K. Johnson of Story City took as his bride Julia Ritland, the second daughter of Jens and Inger Ritland. To this union, nine children were born: Beatrice, who died in 1922, Elmer, Harris, Agnes, Joseph, Carl, Jordan, Alvina and Mamie. They lived northeast of Roland for several years. Later they moved to a farm south of Randall, where they lived until 1943, when they retired and moved to Story City. They lived here only two years, as Julia passed away December 26, 1945, at the age of 73, and Jonas K. died at the Sunset Home in Story City in March, 1950, at the age of 79. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 1932.

The eldest son, Elmer, served in World War I in France. He married Maggie Rando of Randall, the organist of the local church at that time. They live on their farm northwest of Randall. Five children were born to this union: Marion James, Bessie Jean, Helen Lucille, Lester Rando, and Kenneth Eugene. Helen Lucille passed away in 1934. Marion served his country in World War II in the U. S. Navy for two years and saw action in Okinawa. He married Maxine Wierson of Radcliffe, and they are farming near Radcliffe. They have one son, Steven James. Bessie attended A.I.B. in Des Moines and was employed for a while as a secretary at the Hines Veterans Hospital in Chicago. She married Sydney Beasley, a World War II veteran, and they are the parents of one daughter, Phyllis Jean. They live in Gary, Indiana, where Signey is employed at the Steel Manufacturing Company. Lester is farming at home and is still single. Kenneth is serving in the U. S. Army. Harris married Beatrice Blaney of Ames. They operate a rooming house in Seattle and have three daughters--Julia Laura, Frances Carol and Martha.

Agnes married Arnold Henderson of Story City. They have three children: Ardis , Marjorie and Curtis. Ardis married Howard Bergeson of Ellsworth , and they have two children: Dennis Gene arid Nancy Jo. They are farming near Jewell, and are the parents of three children: Susan Caryl, Mary Margaret and Dale Richard. Curtis married Norman Jean Ford of Boone, and they have four children: Rosemary, Steve, Craig and William. Curtis is a prosperous farmer living east of Randall on the home farm where he was born and reared. Agnes and Arnold, since leaving the farm, have traveled the United States extensively. They spend their winters in Florida and operate a summer resort at Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, in the summer.

Joseph is unmarried and has been employed at Blue Earth, Minnesota, for the past several years.

Carl, a graduate of Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, was engaged in teaching. He met his bride, Gladys Severson, at Scarsville, Iowa, and they were married in 1938. They live in Waterloo, where Carl is operating the Plaza Hotel. On February 6, 1950, they adopted little Craig Bruce, and in 1951 they went abroad and spent three months touring the Holy Land and Europe, returning with two bright-eyed adopted children: Barbara, aged 10, an orphan living in a children’s home in the Russian occupied zone of German, East Berlin, a baptized Lutheran and George, aged 4, who came from Munich. George’s parents were Rumanians, who, after fleeing from Russian-dominated Rumania, abandoned the child.

Alvina attended Waldorf and St. Olaf Colleges, and was a member of the U.S.O. in World War II, bringing much joy and entertainment to the boys in service with her beautiful voice. In December of 1945 she married Dr. Andrew J. Weaver of Mebane, North Carolina, who was commander of the National Navy Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, at that time. Dr. and Mrs. Weaver live in Clarksburg, West Virginia, where he is a practicing surgeon in the city hospital. On December 31, 1948 , they became the parents of twin boys, Andrew Johnson and Allen Jackson, and on April 2, 1953, another son, Michael Benjamin, was born to them.

Jordan, also a graduate of Iowa State Teachers College, was engaged in teaching music in different schools in Iowa. He married Julie Hillestadt (a St. Olaf graduate and a teacher) from Des Moines, on June 28, 1942. They are the parents of three children, David, Steven, and Brita. Jordan and Julie are living in Fort Madison, where they operate the Metropolitan Hotel.

Mamie, the youngest daughter of Julia and Jonas K., received her education at the State University of Iowa, and was engaged in teaching until she married Eugene Knutson of Eagle Grove, Iowa, in March, 1941. He is a University of Iowa graduate and is district sales manager for Cargil, Inc. They live in Grinnell, Iowa. They are the parents of two sons, Eugene Harold and Karsten Isaac, and a daughter, Anne Louise. Mamie has been taking organ for the past two years from Professor Elbert Smith of Grinnell College.

Louise, the third daughter, of Jens and Inger Ritland, attended Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, and was a successful rural school teacher until she married Professor William Williamson of Badger, Iowa, in 1896, who, at that time, was on the teaching staff of Jewell Lutheran College at Jewell, Iowa. He was a graduate of Red Wing Seminary and the University of Minnesota. After a few years in the teaching profession he heeded the call to become a minister of the gospel, so entered the Lutheran Theological Seminary at St. Paul. He was ordained into the ministry and served congregations in Portland, Maine, Thompson, Iowa, and Des Moines. He retired from the ministry and farmed at Badger. Later he moved to Grafton, North Dakota, where he was engaged in farming until his tragic death on March 23, 1926. Louise lives in her cozy and comfortable home in Grafton. The children are Obed Hjalmar, Christian Olaf, Luther Wilfred and Inga Louise.

Obed is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, Fargo, and received his Ph. D. degree at Columbia University, New York. He has seen on the teaching staff of Eastern Washington College of Education, Cheney, Washington, for many years. His wife, also a university graduate, was Ruth Guss of Omaha, Nebraska. They have two adopted children, William Guss and Anna Kristena.

Christian attended the State Agricultural College at Fargo, North Dakota, and married Olga Strand of Findley, North Dakota, who, at that time was teaching in Grafton They have four children: Ina, Obed, Karen and Rita. Christian owns and operates the Williamson Stock Farm three miles north of Grafton, which is one of the finest and best improved farms in the state.

Luther owns and operates the Grafton Milk Company in Grafton. He married Nancy Dike, a college graduate and accomplished musician. They are the parents of six children: Ann Louise, Lenora Beth, Peter Dike, Erik Luther, Aaron George and David John.

Inga married a navy officer, Harold Moore of Los Angeles, California. They have one son, Dennis Michael, and live in Grafton.

Osmond the next in age, took for his bride on June 30, 1909, Ina Williamson of Badger, Iowa. Osmond attended school at Jewell Lutheran College, and also at Decorah. Ina was a student at Tobin College, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, for a short while and also at Jewell Lutheran. They lived on a farm one mile south of McCallsburg, Iowa, for 28 years. They then sold this farm and moved to another farm northeast of Zearing, Iowa, where they lived until they sold that and moved to Roland, where they are now living. Osmond and Ina’s children are James Irving, Curtis Orville, Charlotte Olivia, Raymond Wilfred, Ruth Marguerite, and Dorothy Mae Serene.

James graduated from Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa, and the Eastern Washington College of Education at Cheney, Washington, after which he taught in the grade schools of Touchet, Two Rivers, and Kelso, Washington. He later became an employee of the U. S. Post Office in Spokane, Washington. He married Catherine Burley of Spokane, Washington, in 1937, a graduate of the Eastern Washington College of Education at Cheney, and a teacher in various schools in Washington. They have two daughters, Christine Ann and Patricia Marie, and live in Spokane.

Curtis is a Waldorf College graduate and taught rural school until he took up salesmanship. He married Louise Hoeye of Des Moines, Iowa, a stenographer and secretary. Curtis was called into the service in World War II, and served 3 1/2 years, part of which time was spent in India. They have two children, Catherine Louise and Johnny Curtis. They live in Overland Park, Kansas, and Curtis is a salesman.

Charlotte is also a Waldorf College graduate, and she taught school for two years in Iowa. She then married Leonard Andersen of Presho, South Dakota. He is a graduate of Huron College, Huron, South Dakota, and the University of South Dakota at Vermillion. He taught business administration at Waldorf College until he went into the Insurance business. At present they live in Sioux City, where he is general agent for the Equitable Insurance Company of Iowa. They are the parents of five children: Karen Marie, David Lynn, Paul, Raymond, Charlene Kay, and Mark Luther. David was stricken with the dread polio and died July 21, 1952 at the age of 11 years and 10 months.

Raymond was the fourth to graduate from Waldorf. He then attended the State University of Iowa at Iowa City and received his B. S. C. degree before entering the army. He was in the service during World War II for over five years, part of which time was spent in Hawaii and Okinawa. He then returned to the University of Iowa, receiving his M. A. degree in 1948, and his Ph. D. degree in 1951. He began teaching economics at Tulane University (words missing here) 1952 he was granted a one year’s leave of absence to work on a special research project for Plantation Pipe Line Company in Atlanta, Georgia. He is now back at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Ruth attended Waldorf College for one year, and three years at Morningside College in Sioux City. She taught in Iowa schools for a few years before accepting a position in the Seattle schools, where she is now located. Last year, the summer of 1953, she was a member of a conducted tour to Europe, going by plane both ways.

Dorothy, the youngest, took up nursing and received her R. N. at the Lutheran Hospital in Sioux City. She married Phillip Rabe of Ricketts, Iowa, a progressive farmer. They have three children: Steve Walter, Patricia Louise and Stanley Paul.

Louis, the youngest of Inger and Jens Ritland, attended Jewell College and Iowa State at Ames. He married Malinda Helvig of Roland in 1911. They lived on the old John Ritland homestead until their very tragic deaths in June, 1949. Melinda was a student at Red Wing Ladies Seminary before she was married. Their children are Earl Jennings, Carroll, Lloyd, Alice, Obed, and Esther. Louis was 69 at the time of his death, and Malinda 59.

Earl spent four years in the U. S. Navy, after which he helped his father on the farm. He married Helen Jacobson of Roland on March 20, 1944, and they are the parents of three children: Nancy Sue, David and Roger John. They own and operate a farm south of Roland.

Carroll served overseas in France 3 years in World War II. He married Virginia DeLong of Des Moines. Carroll and Virginia later separated, and Carroll is now a salesman for the Brown Camp Hardware Company in Des Moines.

Lloyd served four years in the army in World War II, spending much of the time overseas in Okinawa. He married Eleanor Highland of Roland. They are farming one-half mile west of Story City, where they have a model farm home. Their children are Mary Elizabeth and Christine Lee. Eleanor is a graduate of Stevens College in Missouri.

Alice married Virgil Francis Twedt of Roland in 1940. He was called to serve his country during World War II and was inducted into the army in November, 1942. He lost his life on the battlefield at St Lo, France, July 31, 1944 They have one son, Vaughn Allen. Alice was married to Floyd Anderson of Roland on February 9, 1951, a prosperous farmer, and they live just west of the Roland city limits. Floyd and Alice have one son, Jon Ove.

Obed married Elnora Froh of Havelock, Iowa, April 14, 1946. They are farming the Ritland farm west of Roland and have three sons: Eugene, Larry and Rickey Carroll.

Esther, the youngest of the Louis Ritland family, married Robert Risdal of Roland. They are the parents of two sons: Mark Wayne was born November 19, 1948, and passed away August 26, 1953. Paul Norman is the second son. He was one month old at the time of Mark’s death. Bob and Esther own and operate a farm five miles west of Roland.

This concludes the history of the Jens Ritland family.

Ole L. Ritland Family

Ole O. was next in age, and he married Serena Ose of Christi Town in the early1880’s. They lived on a farm near Story City until they retired and moved to Story City. Ole passed away March 11, 1917, and Serena on November 4, 1930. They had no children.

Ingeborg Ritland Sevde Family

Ingeborg was the youngest of Ole and Sarah’s children. She married Martin Sande August 25, 1887, and they settled on the old Ritland homestead, which is now the Raymond Sande home. To this union the following children were born: Ole, Joseph, Otis, Henry, and Arnold.

Ole the eldest son, married Lottie Sporland in March,1914, and they are the parents of two sons and one daughter: Earnest, Adolph, and Lillian.

Earnest married Nadine Hegardt of Tama, Iowa, in June, 1945, and they have one son, Craig. They live in Toledo, Iowa, where Earnest is employed by the Soil Conservation Commission and is also a photographer.

Adolph married Martha Tynning in 1943, and they live in Story City, where Adolph operates a service station. They have three children: Gary, Harley and Linda.

Lillian is unmarried and is employed as a stylist at the 5th Avenue Clothing Store in Detroit, Michigan. She and her mother Lottie live together.

Joseph died in Minneapolis several years ago. He was unmarried. He had served his country in France during World War I.

Otis married Ruth Grindem of Roland in 1922. Their children are Robert, Ethel, Lois, Lester, Betty, Ruby and Jerry. They were farming the Sande farmstead until they moved to Roland.

Robert married Sharon McCormick, and they have one son, David Eugene.

Ethel married James Gile March 18, 1945, and they have one son, Gary Lee. Ethel and James were divorced, and Ethel later married Robert Burke of California. They have one son, Robert Michael, and one daughter, Diane Marie. They live in LaHabra, California, where Robert is a mechanic for Cal Oil Wells.

Lois married Clayton Stone of Roland in 1946, and they have three sons: Dennis, Steven, and Larry. They reside in Ames, where Clayton is employed at the O’Neil Dairy.

Lester married Jean Brown of Scranton, Iowa, and they are the parents of two daughters: Sarah Ann and Sandra Jean. They are farming near Scranton.

Ruby married Charles Mathiason of Story City. They have one daughter, Cindy Robin. Charles has just returned from a two-year tour of duty in Korea.

Betty and Jerry are at home.

Henry entered the U. S. Army in 1917 and fought for his country in France. In 1921 he married Helen Holland of Roland, and their children are Orrine, Eileen and Richard. They live in Ames, where Henry is employed at the Ames Lumber Company.

Orrine married Dixie Rowe of Des Moines, and they are the parents of two sons, Clemme and Michael Richard, and are farming at Mitchellville, Iowa.

Eileen is employed at the Ames Telephone Company. She and her daughter Marcia make their home with her parents in Ames.

Richard married Mari Linn Blanchen of Gilbert, and they now, live in Ames. Richard operates a transport and moving van.

Arnold, the fifth and youngest son of Martin and Ingeborg Sande, also served in the First World War and saw action in France. He was employed at the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines for many years until he married Genevieve Jackson, a graduate nurse. At present both are employed at a hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. Mrs. Sande is a nurse and Arnold is an engineer.

This concludes the genealogy of the descendants of Ole and Sarah Ritland.