All honor to the old soldiers! During childhood we were greatly interested in listening to the graphic stories told by our neighbors Canute Phillops, Nelson Erickson, and Ole Bergeson. They all had been in active service for long periods, and had taken part in much strenuous service and heavy fighting. My only regret is that we did not take notes at the time. In 1910, or thereabouts, I was fortunate to get a promise from Jens Ritland, another war-scarred veteran, that he would relate his war experience. Osmond and Lewis Ritland helped take notes. I am sure that all are thankful that his story has been preserved.

It might be well for us at this time to seek out a beautiful nook in the woods and raise a monument for the noble men who fought for that great cause, the preservation of the Union. The names of all the veterans who hailed from this particular territory, and those who settled here from other parts, should have their names inscribed thereon. Possibly also veterans of the Spanish-American and World Wars should be represented with inscriptions, unless, perhaps, it were more suitable to erect separate monuments for each.
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