Editor's Note:

I received this note from Gary E. See. --JR

Simply as a matter of record I offer a correction of name appearing in the memoirs of your Great Grandfather. In Chapter Two he quotes a shouted threat made by Silas N. Lee of Nevada. The correct spelling of the name is/was Silas N. See. At the time of your G Grandfather's recollection, Silas resided adjacent the cemetery (north side) at Iowa Center, Iowa.

My father, George L. See, was tasked with providing squirrels for the stew-pot for the old man, Silas. G. L. See was the grandson of John See who was a brother and comrade-in-arms of Silas.

I would be disappointed if you were to revise or edit your forebears recollections. I offer these data only for your edification.

Thank you for your efforts in preserving the history of Story County.


Gary E. See